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Since the beginning that of March, the start of the Student Blogging Challenge, I have done many posts each one getting better as they go. My posts have been longer and contained more detail to make the writing easier and more fun to read. I have posted 8 times and have had 13 comments on those posts altogether. I feel like I have improved a lot in my writing but I still have a lot to improve on. Each post I feel that my writing has gotten a lot more interesting and holds the reader a lot better.

I asked my dad to look at my blog and then I asked him some questions. The first question I asked him was, “What was his first impression?” He answered by saying, he liked that it sounded like me and he could easily tell I was the one writing. My second question was, “What captured his attention?” He thought it was cool to see what I thought was cool. My third “Was what distracted him?” He thought my grammar was bad and that threw him off from the writing. My final question “Was if he had any suggestions?” His final answer was that I need to make sure that I reread my blogs before posting. Overall the blogs challenge has made me a lot better writer. I liked being able to see other people’s blogs. See you next time.


Photos Taken By Me

In February of 2018 my seventeen year old Jack Russel dog named Ferris passed away. I took a lot from the day he died. I had never before really cared about dogs and what they did in their lives. But when the only dog I ever knew was gone it left me empty. I realized how I had treated him throughout my life. This made me feel super bad. On that day I realized how much he had been through and I needed to do something to make me feel better about what I had happened to Ferris.

The next year around Christmas I finally got over what had happened and we decided to get a new dog. When we went to the store where the litter of puppies was being held I immediately fell in love with this jet black puppy. But the rest of my family and I also liked his sister a white puppy. By the end of the day we decided to get both the puppies. We named them Stella and Brewer. I felt more determined than ever to take care of these puppies. But once again I fell down on the job. My mom ended up taking care of both of the pups while I was at school and it was too much for her. On the third day of having the puppies I came home from school all ready to bathe them. When I walked inside they weren’t there and neither was any of their stuff. My mom told me that they had given the puppies back. I was devastated. I cried for a long time before I was able to understand why it had to be done.

It took another whole year again before everyone was ready for another try. We all fell in love with a type of puppy called a French Brittany Spaniel. We met the people with the puppies in a remote area of Liberty, NC. There were about ten puppies that were adorable. Only two were for sale. One boy and one girl. Their crib names were Nash and Nora. All of us knew we wanted to get the boy.  We took him home a few weeks later. His new name was Nasher. He is an amazing dog. I have finally successfully done my part in taking care for and training Nasher and I hope to keep doing so. Nasher is my savior.

Empathy Project

Photo Taken By Me

In LA class right now we are reading a story called A Long Walk To Water. This book is written in two perspectives. One in the perspective of a boy named Salva and one from the perspective of a girl named Nya(nee-ah). In the beginning of the book, Salva is living in South Sudan in 1985 while his country’s civil war is taking place. One day while he was in school the government forces came to his area and attacked. Salva was forced to run away and got separated from his family. Nya is also living in South Sudan but in 2008. She walks every day for around eight hours total fetching water for herself and her family.

Using this story we decided to do a project of empathy. We were given a sheet of tasks to choose from that would show empathy towards Nya and Salva. Some of the activities were to use only a gallon of water for a day, walk to somewhere without water, walk bearfoot around your yard for 15 minutes, or we choose the option to make our own. That was the option I chose.

The idea I came up with was to not eat anything for a whole day. The activity was way harder than I thought it would be. I also did not choose the best day to do it. I went to school and during lunch period everyone was out eating their lunches while little old me was just sitting in the corner without any food. During PE and recess I was super tired and had zero energy to run around. By the time I got back to my house to do my homework I was about to pass out. At 5:30 that day I realized that I had lacrosse practice. I was about quit. When I got to practice and started running around I was losing it. When I woke up the next morning I had a big breakfast.

I am glad I did this project because it really made me think about what less fortunate people are going through. You should try this activity too.

Sausage Legs

This week for the blog challenge I am doing the 100 word challenge. Here is the photo.

One day a man was walking in the woods. He came across this bear with loads and loads of sausage. Now this man loves sausage. While the bear was sleeping he snuck into the bear’s den and stole every bit of the sausage and ate it all in one sitting. When the man woke up he looked at his feet and legs and realized he had turned into sausage! The bear obviously knew something was up so he found the man and ate all of him except his legs and feet. Sausage man’s legs are still there to this day.

My Hero

In LA a few weeks ago our class made stories about our hero. We also had to make a book to put our story in. We had the artist Peg Gignoux come to help us make those books. The process was long but it was a lot of fun. She taught how to fold a book, collage, and many more artist flairs. After we were done with the book and the writing we glued them together. When we were all done we took our books to the Frank Gallery( and invited our heroes to come read them. For my story I chose my dad. Here it is:

To me, a hero is someone who is hardworking, thoughtful, and helpful. Now there are tons of traits that could make a hero, but I know one special person who fits under those three specific traits. That person is my dad. His full name is James Gaston Huckabee IV. He was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on August 24, 1972. For all his life, except four years (college), he has lived in Durham, NC in a small neighborhood called Hope Valley. In his time in this neighborhood he has lived in four different houses all in different locations throughout the area. One of those houses was from his childhood. During that time he was growing up with his sister Laura, his mom, and dad. He has lived in three others houses since he met my mom. For K-6 grade he went to Durham Academy. He then transferred to Githens where he went for two years then on to Jordan High School for the rest of his education before he went to college. For college he attended the University of North Carolina. While in college he met my mom. He now lives with me, my mom, my sister, and my brother. He is currently working at Northwestern Mutual selling life insurance and he has been for 22 years. Everything he does in his life fits under one of his three traits and that is why my dad is my hero.

My dad is hardworking. He does so much in his job and works so hard and then still has time to help with the family. Every day my dad goes to work as early as 5:00 am to meet with a client to work out their problems or to go to meetings. On most days he doesn’t get back home until around 6:00 pm. When he gets back he quickly changes into to play clothes and goes in the kitchen to help my mom make dinner. If finishes helping out with dinner, he will come and play basketball with my brother I until dinner is fully ready. After dinner we all sit down as a family and either play a board game, watch sports, or a news show. Then we all go to sleep and he does it all again the next day working just as hard as the day before. Now when I do my work I strive to work just as hard as him.

Another trait I can give to my dad is thoughtful. He is always there for me in the hardest times. This is a story about one of those times. It was a normal day. I was coming home from school ready for the weekend. But when I arrived in the driveway I realized my dad was home when he wasn’t supposed to be back yet. He was digging. Weird. When I walked around front I saw my mom crying then realized my dad was too. They said our dog died. My dad was digging his grave. I was torn up but my dad helped me through and get over it in the end. He distracted me from the topic and we went and did fun stuff together. This shows how thoughtful he is because even though we were both going through something very sad in our lives, he decided to think about others and not just about himself and what was happening to him.

Last but not least my dad is helpful. In everything I do, my dad is always there doing whatever he can to help out. During the wintertime I play rec basketball for Woodcroft. I have never been on an amazing team but even so my dad is there. After every game he comes to talk to me about the game and what I did well. Then he goes and helps me figure out everything I need to work on for the next game I am going to play in. He practices with me and coaches me. Another time he will help me out is playing golf. My dad and I will go out to play nine holes often. At every single hole, on every shot, he is there helping me. If it is choosing what club to hit or where to aim, he’ll help me. This trait in him inspires me to be just like him, so I can turn out just like him in the future.

Overall my dad means everything to me. He is always there for me and is my biggest mentor. He helps me academically, socially, and physically. He has shaped me into the person I am today and will keep doing so for the rest of my life. He is independent, helpful, and thoughtful. This man is my role model. His name is James Gaston Huckabee IV and he is my hero.


Mountain Collage

For the week 7 blog challenge we focused on Visting and Commenting on blogs. After we did some of that we were challenged to create a post which would make readers want to comment back on our blog. Hope you enjoy!

I got the idea to do a photo collage from my classmate She did a photo gallery of cacti but I am choosing mountain because that is my favorite type of place to visit. I used Adobe Spark post for my pictures.

Tell me if I should do another one.

Adobe Spark Post

Tennis Camp


Two summers ago I went to tennis camp on UNC campus for one week.  We stayed in Granville Towers which is a building where college kids stay during the school year. Each morning all the kids would gather in the cafeteria around 7:30 to eat breakfast. At about 8:00 every one would go outside near the bus and we would head to the tennis center. At the tennis center there were 6 indoor courts and 12 outdoor courts (I had never seen so many tennis courts in one area).

When we arrived the instructors would split us up into age groups.  I was ten at the time so I usually started inside on court 3. First we would do warm up stretches and some running. Then we would do some serves. On one day we used this machine that would tell you how fast you hit you serve and if it was in or out. The kids in my group decided we wanted to see who could hit the ball the fastest and keep it in. Since we were all young the serves didn’t go that fast but I hit the fastest one at 63mph.  After our serves we did some backhand and forehand drills for maybe 15 minutes. To finish the morning we’d play one match. Then all of us would hop on the bus and drive back to Granville Towers to eat lunch.

After lunch we would go back to the tennis center and do pretty much all the same thing as the morning but with more matches. We’d then have down time before having early dinner. After dinner we would have our evening activity. Each night was a different activity. My favorite was either Frankie’s or the movies. Tennis camp was amazing and I can’t wait to go back this summer with my brother.

Picture Sentence Blog Challenge

What do you think it says? Comment your answer.

Steelheart Post 2

Remember how I gave book talk about the amazing book Steelheart. Well now I am going to do something different for this book. This week we were challenged to pick a book and write a blog about what we would do if we were in our chosen book. And as you probably know I chose Steelheart.

If I were to travel inside of the book Steelheart I would become a supernatural human with powers like an epic but more extreme. Instead of being evil I would be helpful. In the book the Reckoners are fighting the bad Epics. I would join them and fight all the Epics and rid the world of the bad ones. Yeah this probably sounds super nerdy but it is a really good book and I feel it would be a cool experience. Now go read Steelheart and the rest of the series like right now.

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